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Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring!

It's official, Happy Spring!!!

The seeds I planted last Tuesday are starting to grow. I bought Burpee and Jiffy mini greenhouses and so far between the two of them and a few planters, I've started cucumbers, bell peppers, big boy hybrid tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, garlic chives, dahlias and delphiniums in my sun porch. I still have more to plant- maybe I'll do that this afternoon. I've decided that this summer I'm going to try my hand at vegetable container gardening. Hubby is going to build me a raised bed underneath the trellises so our three rowdy dogs can't trample my flowers, but I don't want to put a raised bed where I'm planning on putting the veggies. So- I'm going to try a group of large containers. This is my first time planting veggies, so I hope they turn out! This has all been inspired by the 'urban homestead' trend I've been reading about. The economy's been so miserable and I love the idea of a modern day 'victory garden.' We have a small backyard and we are constantly entertaining so I'm not about to put a chicken coop back there or anything, but a vegetable garden...that's something I can do.

I also really like the idea of vertical gardening- we have a six foot wooden privacy fence around our entire backyard, and I think this would be a great way to beautify it. I saw some really inspiring pictures when I searched the term in Google images.

I've been really motivated lately in the home improvement department. About two weeks ago I used a steamer and removed what felt like a million layers of wallpaper from our upstairs hallway, pulled off the crown molding and painted all of the trim and doors a few coats of glossy white. Hubby's patched the old plaster and lat walls, I'm just waiting on him to finish sanding them so that I can give them a good coat of primer.

The new color I've picked for the living room, dining room, stairway and upstairs hall is "Cloudless" from Behr. It's such a refreshing blue. I love it, can't wait to get it all done!

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