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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beachy Feeling

This past weekend my project was painting the living room and accent wall in the entryway. I thought I had picked great colors, Behr's 'Cloudless' and 'Blue Jewel.' Just to be sure, I did a test patch on the living room wall of Cloudless...the test patch became an entire wall, and when it was dry, the words that came to mind were, 'Easter egg.' It was BAD. I felt like I needed sunglasses to look at it. And the entryway test patch...well, it was so ugly it made my stomach slightly sick. Epic. Fail.

So...back to Home Depot. After what seemed like forever, I finally decided on 'Twilight' from Martha Stewart's paint collection for the living room and Behr's 'Seven Seas' for the entryway accent wall. After two coats of each, I'm very pleased with the results. When I walk into my living room, I'm reminded of the beach. Especially since I've also taken down my heavy thermal drapes and just left up the sheers, so the sun spills in. A fresh coat of white on the baseboards and trim really makes it pop. The room is bright and refreshing- I love it! Now to find scarves for the top of the windows...
living room

part of the entryway wall

left: Martha Stewart's 'Twilight'
right, third color down: Behr's 'Seven Seas'

I've also decided that I *NEED* one of these Zebra print accent chairs for this room, how awesome are they?? I have just the place for it.

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